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INSUPPORT® can provide information on the patient access and reimbursement processes for PERSERIS® (risperidone) for extended-release injectable suspension

INSUPPORT® can provide the following information for enrolled patients:


Transition of Care Support

For PERSERIS patients transitioning to a new healthcare setting to 1) continue PERSERIS treatment with a new continuing care provider, and/or 2) receive a PERSERIS injection from an alternate site of care, INSUPPORT® can provide patient and benefit coverage information based on the new site of care to the current and new provider/facility. For patients who opt-in, INSUPPORT® may also provide text reminders to the patient regarding his/her next injection due date or appointment date with the new provider.

Benefit Coverage Information

INSUPPORT® can provide an overview of the patient's benefit coverage for PERSERIS® based on the patient's current treatment provider as the site of care. Please note that INSUPPORT® does not determine coverage and provides benefit information as it is reported by the patient's insurance provider. If applicable, INSUPPORT® will also enroll an eligible patient in the INSUPPORT® Copay Assistance Program or provide information on potential alternate funding sources. If requested on the enrollment form, INSUPPORT® may also route the patient's information and prescription to a pharmacy specified on the form.

Copay Assistance Program

Copay assistance is available for eligible privately insured patients to assist with the out-of-pocket cost of PERSERIS. Eligible patients who are enrolled may pay as little as $5 per injection of PERSERIS. Not all patients are eligible. Terms and Conditions apply. You may enroll eligible patients by going to

Have questions?

Receive information from a local Field Reimbursement Specialist (FRS) regarding your access and reimbursement questions.


John Doe
INSUPPORT® Field Reimbursement Specialist
Phone: 1 (888) 888-8888


Is a Healthcare Provider practice required to use INSUPPORT® to obtain access to PERSERIS for the patient?

No. This is an optional, service offered by Indivior to support patient access.

Can a Healthcare Provider practice conduct a benefit investigation?

Yes. An INSUPPORT® benefit investigation contains detailed information on patient coverage for PERSERIS, as provided by the patient's insurance provider. However, if you prefer, you or your office staff can choose to conduct the benefit investigation yourself.

When is it necessary to obtain the patient's signature on the Patient Authorization Form?

Any INSUPPORT® enrollment request with a completed and signed Patient Authorization will be returned to the HCP. Please note that INSUPPORT® cannot contact the patient directly to obtain authorization.

Can a patient be enrolled in INSUPPORT®?

A patient's healthcare provider can enroll a patient electronically by visiting the INSUPPORT® Portal and selecting the requested program options. The HCP will able to request the patient's authorization via DocuSign during the enrollment process. Once the patient authorization is received by INSUPPORT®, the request will be processed.

What if the patient's insurance provider does not provide coverage for PERSERIS?

If a medication is not covered by the patient's insurance provider or coverage is "Undetermined", there may be steps that you can take to request that the insurance provider re-evaluate the patient's coverage decision. You may contact the patient's insurance provider for more information.

Complete a Letter of Medical Necessity

You or your office staff may complete a Letter of Medical Necessity to provide further information about the patient and request coverage for PERSERIS.

View a Sample Letter of Medical Necessity

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Alternate Funding Information

INSUPPORT® may also be able to provide contact information on potential alternate funding programs for which the patient may qualify. The patient will be responsible for contacting the programs to determine their eligibility and funds available, if applicable.

Information on potential alternate sources of funding may be provided when a benefit investigation is requested as part of the "Benefit Coverage Information" or "Transition of Care Support" options when there is no coverage reported for the medication from the patient's insurance provider.