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Resources and Tools
INSUPPORT can help inform patients about access to treatment

For the Patient

INSUPPORT™ was designed to help facilitate patient access to SUBLOCADE™ (buprenorphine extended-release) injection, for subcutaneous use (CIII).

Patient Brochure

This brochure provides patients with detailed information about INSUPPORT™.


This brochure offers the patient information about getting started in the INSUPPORT™ Patient Portal, where they can monitor case or copay information with INSUPPORT™.

Patient Benefit Summary Glossary of Insurance Terms

This is a glossary to help patients understand common insurance terms.

Patient Authorization and Consent Form

If this form is not signed and dated by the patient while in the office as part of the Patient Enrollment Form, the patient may review, sign and date this form, and return it to INSUPPORT™ in order to initiate the requested services with INSUPPORT™. This form can also be completed and provided to INSUPPORT™ at the time of copay re-enrollment, if applicable, when there has been no change in insurance information or treatment provider from the previous enrollment.

Copay Assistance Program Terms and Conditions

This document provides details about the eligibility requirements for patients to enroll in and receive benefits under the INSUPPORT™ Copay Assistance Program. It also outlines the program’s benefits and conditions.

The Patient Portal

The INSUPPORT™ Patient Portal allows web-based personal monitoring of case and copay activity, where applicable.