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INSUPPORT was created by Indivior to provide information on the access and reimbursement processes on behalf of patients seeking treatment with SUBLOCADE® (buprenorphine extended‑release) injection, for subcutaneous use, CIII.

INSUPPORT provides information, including: benefit coverage information, the INSUPPORT Copay Assistance Program for eligible patients, Patient Access Specialists, the INSUPPORT website, and additional information and resources.

Help Patients Reduce Costs

INSUPPORT offers a Copay Assistance Program designed to help eligible* patients with the out-of-pocket costs for SUBLOCADE.

Inform your eligible patients that they may pay as little as $0 per injection of SUBLOCADE through INSUPPORT. Restrictions apply.

Enroll Your Patient

You may electronically enroll your patient in INSUPPORT via the INSUPPORT Portal.

You may also enroll via fax using the Patient Enrollment Form

Learn more about acquiring SUBLOCADE by choosing one of the two options below.

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy

The specialty pharmacy process enables the healthcare provider to acquire SUBLOCADE from a pharmacy that handles and stores specialty products and dispenses them directly to the office for administration to a specific patient.


Buy and Bill

This process enables a practice to purchase product directly from a specialty distributor. The practice will have to appropriately store SUBLOCADE and administer to patient, and then follow necessary steps for reimbursement.

INSUPPORT Patient Access Specialist (PAS)

An INSUPPORT Patient Access Specialist (PAS) is available to provide in-person information on the access and reimbursement process. Contact a local PAS for more details or to schedule an in-office meeting.


John Doe
Phone: 1-844-467-7778


The INSUPPORT Copay Assistance Program is valid ONLY for patients with private insurance who are prescribed SUBLOCADE for on-label use. Patients with government insurance are not eligible for the Copay Assistance Program, including, but not limited to, Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, VA, DoD, TRICARE, CHAMPVA, or any other federally or state-funded government-assisted program. Other restrictions apply.

For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for the INSUPPORT Copay Assistance Program for SUBLOCADE.