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Step 1: Set up an account with a specialty distributor

To acquire SUBLOCADE, you must set up an account with a network specialty distributor. SUBLOCADE is only available through network specialty distributors.

Step 2: Order SUBLOCADE

Many specialty distributors offer online, email, and phone ordering.

Step 3: Acquire and store SUBLOCADE

Once SUBLOCADE is received, store SUBLOCADE according to regulatory and labeling requirements.

SUBLOCADE is a federal Class III controlled substance and requires special handling and storage.

INSUPPORT can provide you with information on proper storage requirements found in the Prescribing Information for SUBLOCADE.

There may be other storage requirements not addressed in the PI, refer to state and federal regulations.


The product arrived damaged. What should my office staff do?

If the product was damaged during shipment, it should not be administered to the patient. The healthcare provider should notify the specialty pharmacy/specialty distributor immediately and arrange for a new shipment.

What happens if a patient does not show up for the scheduled injection appointment?

Your practice should follow established missed appointment protocols for patients who have been prescribed SUBLOCADE.